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"Inactive" status in Devices


Logged in to my Norton Account, and one of the PC's is listed in Devices with a Status of "Inactive". In other words, instead of "Protected", it says "Inactive".

Subscription was just renewed (manually, by entering a new product key), 366 days left, subscription status checks out on the PC.

I've never seen this before. What does "Inactive" status mean, and how can it be fixed?

Please PM me for the account email, it's not the one I'm writing this from.




Re: "Inactive" status in Devices

On the PC's showing inactive, open your Norton Security and click on Help - Subscription Status. That should sync your computer and your Norton Account.

You may be seeing this because the original product key that was assigned to your PC is no longer valid after you entered a new key. It may take a little time for the Norton Account web site to get all sync'd up again.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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