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Incorrect vault password when trying to export to csv file

I'm able to open password manager and see my list of Logins. 

When I go to the Settings-Import/Export tab and select either Export option, the prompt for Password Protect Item comes up. However, when I key in my vault password (and I'm 100% positive I'm keying it  correctly - I got into the vault in the first place) I get Incorrect vault password as an error so I can't complete the export.   I'm able to do an export through the Password Manager web page vault access, no problem with the vault password there, but it's extra steps to copy and paste the output and if the list is long it's even more of a pain to get all of the records that way.  About indicates my version is which version check indicates is up to date. 


Accepted Solution

Re: Incorrect vault password when trying to export to csv file

I got the problem resolved.  For whatever reason that caused it, when I logged out of the vault through the Norton Security interface and then logged back in selecting as a new user, the problem went away.  I was able to export through the desktop app after that.   

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