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Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

I have attached a picture showing both IE 11 and Chrome browsers open and next to each other. This is one snippit from my desktop. No editing. What you see and don't see is exactly why I'm sending this.

For some reason the details of Norton Toolbar, i.e. whether or not vault is open or closed, weather page is safe and Facebook info, are not visible on the Toolbar in IE 11. These browsers are right next to each other on the same monitor at the same time. But why are the details for Norton Toolbar blank in IE 11?

I thought this was caused by a bad monitor setting and the info was washed out. I have tried numerous settings using both the monitor's manual controls and the controls in AMD Catalyst software to adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, color saturation, you-name-it. And nothing makes it possible to see the missing details in IE 11.

My video cards are two AMD FirePro W5000's, connected using CrossFire. I have opened the browsers on all three of my monitors and the problem appears on all three. The main monitor is a VIZIO 32" HDMI with HDMI connection; the other two monitors are HDMI flat panel computer monitors using DVI connections.

Is there some setting in IE 11 that I can adjust or is there something wrong with the Norton Toolbar program?

Thanks in advance for help with this problem.

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Re: Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

Do you have anything else, another toolbar perhaps, sharing the space in IE11?

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.
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Re: Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

FWIW,  the Icon changes when the Vault is Closed - thus the Icon does indicate it is open in your image.

Keeping in line with Krusty13's suggestion - perhaps a Restore Advanced Settings in IE may help troubleshoot it.

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Re: Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

Hi davis!

I solved a similar problem with the Norton Toolbar and Internet Explorer (perhaps IE10) a couple of years ago, by temporarily disabling Norton Toolbar.

Click the Tools button in IE11, and then click Manage add-ons.
Select 'Norton Toolbar' and click on the Disable button.
Accept the warning that says that the corresponding add-on, 'Norton Identity Protection', also will be disabled.
Close the Manage add-ons dialog window.
Close Internet Explorer. (To make sure all instances of iexplore.exe are closed, I recommend You to check that with the help of Task Manager (taskmgr.exe.)

When You start IE11 again, the Norton Toolbar should be gone/not visible (temporarily - Not removed).
Close IE11 again (just to be sure, because I had to do that, when I solved MY problems with the Norton Toolbar).

Start IE11 once more, and then click the Tools button and then click Manage add-ons.
Select 'Norton Toolbar' (You may have to choose the option 'Show All add-ons' too see it, but I don't think so.)
Click on the Enable button, and accept the 'warning' that 'Norton Identity Protection' also will be enabled. (If You don't get that 'warning', then You may have to Enable 'Norton Identity Protection' in the list of add-ons.)
Close IE11 for the last time.

When You now start IE11, the Norton Toolbar should show both all icons AND the corresponding text, as it does in your Google Chrome browser.

Accepted Solution
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Re: Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

OK - Frist many thanks for all the responses!!

I tried Gunnar-SE's reset procedure and it worked. For a while.

I have a toolbar placement that is a little unusual. I have the File-Edit-View-Fav-Tools-Help toolbar centered on the top level row in IE. The Norton toolbar is on the same top level but to the left. When the File-Edit-etc toolbar is too close to, probably overlapping the Norton toolbar, the text disappears. When I move the File-Edit-etc toolbar farther away from the Norton toolbar, the text returns. (See attached photos)

When I followed Gunnar-SE's procedure, the Norton toolbar returned, working fine, but on the right side of the top level toolbar row. When I repositioned them, the text disappeared. By accident, I move the File toolbar farther to the right, and the text re-appeared. Thanks to Krusty13, as his suggestion also helped solve the problem. And Norton Figher 25, thank you for pointing out the fact that the vault icon does change color when opened or closed.

Thanks guys!

I have to admit this was one of those is-my-face-red-with-embarrassment moments. Should have experimented more before posting.


Re: Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

That's called the Menu bar.

Good to hear you've got it sorted.

Thanks for letting us know.

A little bit of knowledge is... well a little bit of knowledge.

Re: Info in Norton Toolbar not visible in IE 11

Hi davis and others who supply us with screen shots!

I am glad that we could help You find the solution for your problem with the Norton Toolbar in IE11.

I was about to give You the recommendation to 'Unlock the toolbars', which would have given You the opportunity to see the size of each toolbar, and, sometimes, the possibility to resize one or more of them. (You can often even change the place of each toolbar/menu bar (this doesn't always work), by dragging them around to where You want to have them.)

The reasons for NOT giving You this extra information in my first answer were:
- You didn't supply us with complete screen shots, neither for IE11 nor Google Chrome
- I didn't want to add more text to my already quite long post.

An advice to all users of the Norton Community/Forums:

If You submit a 'problem report', please give us information about the operating system you are using, and if it's a 32- or 64-bit version. And if you are using a 64-bit version of the operating system, let us know if you are running the 32- or 64-bit version of your browser. (Actually, you may be running both 32-bit and 64-bit processes of Internet Explorer 11 at the same time. This is often caused by one or more active browser add-ons not being compatible with both 32- and 64-bit browsers.)

Best regards

Gunnar in Sweden (I am sorry for my bad English) 

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