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This forum thread needs a solution.

Installation Repair

To Norton Employees Only,

I've seen this since the first version of Norton Internet Security.

Can you please explain why it continues to happen and what is it actually fixing?

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Re: Installation Repair

Hi, Jimbo. One of those quirks Norton is famous for !

If all else is ok, I wouldn't worry.

You can always do a reinstall if you want a fresh copy.

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Re: Installation Repair

Jimbo, since you at on Windows 10. Having "fast boot" enabled will cause this issue. The system sometimes doesn't perform a full and clean shutdown and errors persist. Disable that setting and reboot, then recheck for your issue. Here is how to change that setting. https://community.norton.com/en/forums/windows-881-or-10-and-fast-start-feature-0


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Re: Installation Repair

Hi Jimbo,

As F 4 E stated - it is a "quirk" that Norton is well known to have and the bad thing about it is that no matter what is reported as repaired when Using Get Support, us users have to take the function's word for it as it is not listed in any History or anywhere else what was actually fixed.  I have gotten into the habit of running Get Support a second time if I get a repair action the first time.

I just ran Get Support and ended up running it again because it fixed my installation:

As many times as we have asked to be able to see what was corrected, it has never happened, so I do not expect any word from a Norton employee because of your request.  Sorry.

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