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Installing NS but am new to Windows 10

I have just done a clean install of Windows 10 (x64), which I am using for the first time after using Win7 for years, so I'm not a Windows 10 expert.   I am a longtime user of Norton Security, however, so I plan to install it instead of using Windows Defender.   I have a few questions:

  1. What is the best NS install method after a new Windows 10 install--download the latest standalone installer from /latestns or to sign into My Norton and choose to download/install it from there?
  2. Do I assume correctly that I don't need to do anything in regards to Window Defender before installing--that NS will automatically inactivate Defender and take over firewall and threat duties?  (I realize I have to install as an administrator and grant permission to run the installer.)
  3. Are a lot of people successfully using NS with Windows 10?   I have seen some some posts in other forums that say not to use Norton and to use Windows Defender instead, claiming that NS has had problems in the past when windows updates were released.  Of course, most of the folks answering are Microsoft folks, so they say Microsoft understands the OS better than third-party security software.   So does NS play nicely with Windows 10 and is at least as effective (or better) than Windows Defender?
  4. I also plan to install Malwarebytes for an occasional backup "second opinion" scan.  I know not to use the realtime protection and to use only the manual scan mode.
  5. Any other advice for NS on Windows 10?

Thanks for any comments.


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Re: Installing NS but am new to Windows 10

  1. I really don't think it matters but I personally prefer downloading from www.norton.com/latestns or www.norton.com/latestnsbu depending on which version you have a license for.
  2. Correct, Norton will disable WD.  No need to do anything there.
  3. The Microsoft forums are full of people with a dislike of Norton.  Most have either used it years ago or never.  I have Norton running on three Win10 machines and have had off and on since Win10 was released.
  4. You shouldn't have any issue with MB, especially if you disable its real-time protection.
  5. Just remember to run Live Update, restarting where required, until no more update are available and you will be good to go.
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