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Internet Explorer Protection Alert

I have been receiving the following warning message in the form of a popup window that keeps coming back erratically in two of my computers using different OS (Windows 7 and Windows 10) and the same browser (Firefox 47.0.1).

I have never used Internet Explorer but I have refrained from choosing the second option (Don't ask me again) just because I'm afraid I may be passing an opportunity to do something good... Which may be the same as being afraid of doing something bad... 

Is anyone aware of the reasons that make Norton seemingly be pushing me towards using Internet Explorer?... Or could I safely disregard this "Alert" and kick it off my system?

Please help.


Accepted Solution
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Re: Internet Explorer Protection Alert

You may 'Enable Now' and leave enabled as you seldom use IE or disable thru IE Tools > Manage add-ons. 
Or, 'Don't ask me again' and if you want enable thru IE Tools > Manage add-ons.
You might as well 'Enable Now' and satisfy Norton. 

Norton wants you to experience Norton add-on/extension.
IMO > 'Enable Now' and then to your preference.  

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Re: Internet Explorer Protection Alert

Moreover, you can protect your homepage from nortonsafe.search.ask.com, if you do not like the (traditional) ask toolbar/search either.

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Re: Internet Explorer Protection Alert

Thanks, bjm and 20750065, for your inputs.

@bjm: After reading your comments, both here and on the thread you provided the link for, I feel quite comfortable and ready to give it the kick in the butt the next time it pops up... 

Now, out of the blue... Is Norton actually more concerned about these smaller issues in the big scheme of things than about other arguably bigger things in the small scheme of issues?...

I doubt it. Until proven wrong!...

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