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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

After PlayOn updated today to version, NS sonar now determines cr.dll and cx.dll as threats, forces quarantine, and forces a restart.  The PlayOn server will not function properly.  My NS version is  I have already reached out to PlayOn tech support, and they recommended I reach out to Symantec as well.



Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

I'm getting fed up with Norton... I am also having this issue with PlayOn.  This is not the first false positive.  I seem to encounter one with software I know is ok, about every couple months.


Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)


Hi folks, if you feel that a file is being detected in error, I highly recommend that you submit it to our False Positive system. This is the best way to get the files reviewed quickly. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

Tony Weiss | Norton Forums Global Community Manager | Symantec Corporation

Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

I submitted, but I must say your "System" for doing so... SUCKS.  First I filled out the entire form, and since the .dll's were deleted without any ability for me to save them, I was then unable to send them to you, which your tool requires. I played around 2 or 3 times getting your horrible webform to accept something.  When it doesn't like what you give it, it seems to return an error and give no way to continue without starting over.  Fail...

Your webform seems to want a link to the software, but it requires direct access to the download, which wasn't easily possible, as PlayOn requires an account to download the software.  So I had to create a throw away account, and give you the username and password.  All this, when all I should have had to give you is some number or record from my PC of the stuff it removed!

I doubt you will successfully fix this as you've been marking PlayOn as a problem for multiple years now, look online, it's a long standing issue.

The other issue, is that your software deleted things off my PC, without putting them in quarantine, making their recovery impossible.  For this reason alone, I think your "cure" may be worse than the possible infections.  Over my years of computing (since the late 80's) I've never had a real virus, but at least 6 false positives, and all with Norton products.  I get your product free from Comcast,  guess I'm getting exactly what I paid for.


Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

I have a workaround that seems to do the trick.  In NS, go to "settings" ; then go to "antivirus";  then go to "scans and risks";  then under "exclusions/low risks" go to "items to exclude from auto-protect sonar and download intelligence detection" ;  click on "configure" ; then in that real time exclusions panel, add the files "cr.dll" and "cx.dll" and click "OK"  Restart your PC, and since those dll's are shared and are also in the roaming data folder, you should not even have to re-download the PlayOn software. It will re-initiate and the server should run just fine again, and you'll get no more false positives from NS.  Let me know if it works for you.


Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

I also encountered this issue, and resolved it by excluding the two files which were detected by Sonar. Since "Circuit Wizardry" has submitted a false positive report, I assume those files will eventually be white listed. Is there a Sonar status report published on a regular basis which specifies updates/fixes that have been made? If so, what is the URL for that report? Once the fix has been made, the detected files could then presumably be safely removed from the Sonar exclusion list?

Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

I got the following response:

In relation to submission 41668.

Having reviewed the information provided we are unable to reproduce or confirm the issue described.

Please ensure that you are using Symantec's latest virus definitions for detection. These can be found using live update or alternatively via the URL below.

If the issue persists with the latest definitions, please respond to this email providing the additional information below in order for us to analyze the problem further:

- Details of the message or a screenshot of the message received
[having the hash (sha256) of the detected file preferred]
- Exact step by step instructions on how to recreate issue
- Details of the Symantec product and version being used
- Detection log(s) from the product
[having the hash (sha256) of the detected file preferred]

If other versions of the file(s) in question have previously triggered false positive detections please mention this in your response and include all available file versions.

Symantec Security Response

I'm done with trying to fix Norton's product.  I had several discussions with them, and initially Norton couldn't figure out how to even download Playon, from their website!

If you are still having problems, I would suggest you try submitting a request to Norton / Symantec.  I have other options for Anti-virus, and have become irritated with Norton / Symantec's customer service, and will choose to use and support their competitor.


Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

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Re: Issue with latest version of PlayOn (MediaMall Server)

I tried the false positive report form and included both cr.dll and cx.dll as a ZIP file. I explained they were part of PlayOn and included a link to this forum page. I just received this response:

In relation to submission 43419.

Upon further analysis and investigation we have verified your submission and, as such, the detection(s) for the following file(s) will be removed from our products:

   File name: CR.dll
   MD5: 0e1350fe9126065841b204f817e5becb
   SHA256: 72a2626410b8b9a9b0a915b982eff94534c12250ed7c5a951d18ff31a03a3f1b
   Note: Whitelisting may take up to 24 hours to take effect via Live Update

So it seems they accepted cr.dll but not cx.dll. Maybe that has already been whitelisted.

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