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Just a thought....

   I came on here a couple of days ago with a problem with my online backup - and a bit of an attitude, after not getting anything solved by another area of support.

   What I found here was a friendly, courteous, and helpful tech that addressed my issue in a very rapid manner. Yes, it's frustrating when software we pay for doesn't work like it should; but having an attitude was the wrong way for me to address people that are here to help. I'll keep that in mind if I need help here again; and hope that anyone reading this will also take that into consideration.

   My sincere apologies to the support people that I was a tad snippy with.



Re: Just a thought....

Very well said :-)


"Life opens up when you do." - Procter & Gamble

Re: Just a thought....

Hi Craig,

I second Mitka's comment and a heartfelt thank you as well for your post. I've shared this with our support team as well as management. Please continue to let me know if we can be of further assistance.

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