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Keep getting "at risk" warning for Norton backup, can't run backup!

I keep getting an "at risk" warning for Norton Backup. If I try to run backup it says try later backup is already running. I have tried shutting backup off, then rebooting my computer. I then go back and restart backup and I get the same result. I have also tried opening settings and reconfiguring the backup sets but, I get the same results. Why am I getting this message saying that there is a backup already running on my computer? This happens at any hour or day of the week and I am not starting it.





Re: Keep getting "at risk" warning for Norton backup, can't run backup!

Hello Rand. See if you have fast startup enabled on Windows itself. If so disable it and reboot. Here is how. Run live updates on your Norton product and allow it to finish. Reboot a second time. Re-check for backup already running again. Please let us know if things change.


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