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Is Kodi on a Firestick a security threat for my PC?

Long long time Norton user here..  Bought a firestick (black Friday special). Was planning adding Kodi to it until I see all the 'must have VPN' warnings. My question is am I putting my desktops and laptops (all have Norton Premium) at risk using the Kodi on the firestick? Everything is wireless on my ASUS AC1750 router (maybe there is something I can do with the router?).

I feel like most of these websites are getting a kickback from the vpn's and trying to scare people into purchasing it. Or maybe it is a real threat?




Re: Is Kodi on a Firestick a security threat for my PC?

Hello zrtman Kodi in itself is safe to use when using add-on's from the main repository. However, the firestick itself is vulnerable to "man in the middle" manipulation attacks. Here is some info for you: https://thevpn.guru/is-kodi-legal-safe-vpn-privacy-security/


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