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Krack Attack

How can I  tell if my laptop and two tablets were afected with Krack Attack and how can I fix this ?



Re: Krack Attack

Hey, SgGG2 ! This Norton KB article may help with info.


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Re: Krack Attack

Hi surfergirlGG2:

You likely wouldn't know if you had been attacked via the KRACK vulnerability since these types of hacks try to intercept sensitive information like e-mails, credit card numbers and passwords as they are being transmitted from your computer over an insecure WiFi connection, and they don't leave behind obvious traces like malware-related files or registry edits on your computer.  Keep in mind, though that the likelihood that you were affected by the KRACK vulnerability is extremely low.  Here are two important factors to consider:

1.  Leo Nottenboom notes in his AskLeo's article What the “KRACK attacks” mean to you that you would be at highest risk if you were using a open WiFi hotspot at a coffee shop or other public location and the hacker was sitting near your computer.  From Leo's article:

"The single biggest mitigating factor for the average computer user is that this is a wireless vulnerability, and therefore requires proximity. You need to be using a Wi-Fi connection, and the attacker needs to be within wireless range of your computer."

2.  Lawrence Abrams also noted in his bleepingcomputer article Microsoft Quietly Patched the Krack WPA2 Vulnerability Last Week that a patch for the KRACK vulnerability was released via Windows Update in October 2017 for supported Windows operating system (Win 7 and higher; Windows Server 2008 and higher) as long as users applied the October 2017 Patch Tuesday security updates that were released on 10-Oct-2017.  If your tablets are iPads then the iOS 11.1 update of 31-Oct-2017 also included a patch for this vulnerability - see the change log at https://support.apple.com/en-ca/HT208222.

There's some additional information about the KRACK vulnerability and the software / firmware updates some companies have released for their WiFi routers and mobile devices in gh66's 19-Oct-2017 thread Confused by today's email about KRACK, and the PCWorld article KRACK Wi-Fi attack threatens all networks: How to stay safe and what you need to know has additional hints on how to protect yourself from vulnerabilities like KRACK.  Just FYI, I contacted my Internet service provider (ISP) and they confirmed that the Cisco router they provided for my home network does not require a patch for this vulnerability, and I also confirmed I have the latest available drivers for my Intel Wireless WiFi Link adapter.

Your thread <here> indicates that you recently purchased Norton WiFi Privacy and are now using their secure virtual private network (VPN) to hide all your network traffic so that's an additional layer of security you now have when using public WiFi hotspots.
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