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This forum thread needs a solution.

L B 6 ?

Found a cursor locked in the upper left corner of the task bar, All while having an active cursor from my usage of the mouse.

Rebooted and was still there.

Powered down removed battery and restarted. Cursor now gone,but, in same spot is a partial "L". When I minimize the screen, in that same spot there is an " L B "...  ??? 

Have a second computer that hasn't been used in a while. when booted up there was nothing in the corner. after updating the Norton, the " L B " appeared.
Before this happening, I had a serious issue with ID safe. Since I contacted Norton, I allowed them remote control and got the problem resolved. could this be a residual affect from that experience??

Or has someone invaded and attempted to control my computer??



Re: L B 6 ?

Hello KJ. Yes indeed there could be remaining files still on the system from the LogMeIn remote session. Clear all your temp system files by opening the run command box, type in %temp% and press enter. You should arrive at an open screen where all the temp/junk files are and can delete them from there. Also clear your browser(s) cache. To be sure you haven't contracted a PUP or PUA download Malwarebytes and run a full scan.


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