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This forum thread needs a solution.

Licence expired after 3 days? Can't download again from my account.

So 3 days ago (09.07.16) I bought Norton Security Standard (previously had a test version of Security Deluxe, which I deinstalled before) and downloaded it via the link given to me via E-Mail.

Today this Norton product showed me the message that it's license is expired and in my account management trying to download it again after deinstalling (wanted to simply re-install hoping that'd solve it) I got told that there is no license available.

Searching for a solution using the Support themes on the website I tried to deactivate my device for this Norton License (like you'd do with an old PC to install your product on a new PC) but I still get the message that no license is available altough I DO have a license until 10.07.2017 according to my account management which is not installed on any device.

Right now I am without any protection and can't get the program I paid for which kind of pisses me off. :/


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Re: Licence expired after 3 days? Can't download again from my account.

Hi D-Cord,

Your best bet is to have a chat with customer support as they are the ones who take care of subscription issues.

Please use the following link and explain to them what your issue is:


Please let us know how you made out.

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