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LifeLock popup ad looks like a serious alert!

I recently received a pop-up alert from Norton Security with the title "Breach Alert!" in large white letters on a red background.  When I read it further it turned out to be an ad suggesting "Upgrade your Norton account to add LifeLock Identity Theft Protection today".  I find it shameful that Norton would push an ad that appears to be a real alert only to find out they are trying to sell something.  This kind of false alert I expect only from spam websites.

Sure, there is a place to select "Do not show this again", which I picked. But I find it very disappointing that Norton is pushing LifeLock so hard.  Norton Antivirus/Security used to be unobtrusive and simply did it's job, which is what I appreciated.  Now it's pushing ads, and notices about installing toolbars, and it also seems to be slowing down my PC when either downloading updates or doing an un-requested scan.  Please return Norton to it's former unobtrusive behavior.

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Re: LifeLock popup ad looks like a serious alert!

Symantec's marketing is getting way too aggressive.

Opinions have been put, but they are all being ignored.

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