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Linking Standalone Online Backup to Norton 360

Norton 360 shows "Attention" needed for backup.  I currently use NOBU for backup.  How do I get Norton 360 to recognize this so I can get rid of the "Attention" needed notifier.  Also, how do I get the folder check mark icons to show that my folders have been backed up? Backup status overlays is checked in Norton 360 Settings.  Does NOBU show these checkmarks too?  Thanks in advance for any help. 


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Re: Linking Standalone Online Backup to Norton 360


The two products share online storage space. You can backup using other one depending on your preference. If you have no desire to use the backup portion of Norton 360 though you can go under Settings and uncheck the Backup option. That'll disable the warnings and will also disable the ability to backup in Norton 360 only.

Note if you do that make sure you have Norton Online Backup successfully running on that computer. Otherwise you won't have any backup at all on that computer. Disabling it will also not remove any backups previously performed with Norton 360.

Norton Online Backup does not utilize the status overlays. That's something specific to Norton 360 only.

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