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Live update

Being away from my Win 7 Pro computer for periods of time I have it automatically set to hibernate.  I use Windows Tasks to run various housekeeping tasks such as backups, cleaning, antimalware etc. during the night.  I also have a Full system scan set for once a week.  When does Live update run? Does it have a fixed time to run, will that co-inside with one of the tasks?  If not how can I ensure that it does happen daily? 



Re: Live update

Hi billjf,

From here:

Your Norton product shows the date on which it last obtained the protection updates. We recommend that you keep the Automatic LiveUpdate option turned on always. This way, when you are connected to the Internet, LiveUpdate works silently every one hour to check and download new protection updates. So, your Norton product is up-to-date on its own. If you are not connected to the Internet for a long time or you turned off the Automatic LiveUpdate option, you need to run LiveUpdate at regular intervals to get the latest protection updates.

Hope that provides what you are looking for.

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