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Live Update Problems (Service Provider Firewall)

My new service provider (mobile LTE router) is provisioned and managed by Vodacom Business. Since installed I cannot run live update. The result is "Failed to Complete - Unable to connect to LiveUpdate Server" and as soon as I disconnect from LAN (router) and connect to my previous router or WiFi (mobile device) the problem is solved. My assumption is that it has nothing to do with settings on my laptop as it works 100% when connecting elsewhere. After discussions with my SP they requested that I run TRACERT + ip on my laptop to determine if there is a break in the IP hops but the HTTP and FTP addresses I used are all fine. To which IP (HTTP or FTP) does my connect to when I run liveupdate. I need to proved my ISP with the info so that they can allow the ports and addresses on their firewall?

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Re: Live Update Problems (Service Provider Firewall)

Hi Jacques von Kotze Bauw:

If you're certain that your new router is the cause of the problem, you might want to perform a hard reset of your router (your ISP should be able to provide instructions for your router make/model) followed by a power cycle (unplug the power cable from the router, wait 30 sec, and plug the power back in) as suggested in the old Norton forum thread Router Firewall Blocking Liveupdate from Running.

I have a somewhat similar problem where my Norton Automatic LiveUpdates often fail if I have Malwarebytes' Web Protection module enabled.  You could contact Norton Customer Support via Live Chat at https://www.norton.com/chat and see if they can help you, but the only useful information provided by the customer support rep I chatted with was that "we actually have multiple servers for our Live Updates and it only varies upon the availability when the update is being downloaded, which means our IP address are random".  When I asked for the domain name(s) of Norton's LiveUpdate servers they first responded that I could try to ping liveupdate.symantec.com (which might actually be a LiveUpdate domain for Symantec business products like Symantec Endpoint Protection) and then told me that "we do not have domains for Norton Live Update".  I requested to have my support ticket escalated to 2nd tier support but they responded that "we really do not have domains for our Live Update servers. I would suggest that you try using the IP address instead" and then ended the chat.  If you're lucky you might be connected to a support rep who is more helpful.

You might also find some useful comments in the Symantec support article TECH102059: How to Determine Whether your Firewall is Blocking LiveUpdate, but just be warned that this article likely only applies to business products like Symantec Endpoint Protection that use a completely different mechanism for running LiveUpdates (i.e., current Norton products for home users do not have a separate LiveUpdate program with executables located at C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate). I have no idea if Norton home products use completely different ports and/or domain names than the ones mentioned in that Symantec support article.

When I ran my own tests a few years ago, all I was able to determine is that my trace routes were able to connect to liveupdate.symantecliveupdate.com, liveupdate.symantec.com and update.symantec.com when Malwarebytes' Web Protection was disabled (I confirmed that IP addresses for those domains were assigned dynamically and often changed between tests).  The image below shows that trace routes to two of those domains (liveupdate.symantecliveupdate.com and update.symantec.com) consistently failed when my Malwarebytes' Web Protection was enabled.

32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.8.0 * NS v22.14.0.54 * Malwarebytes Premium v3.5.1

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