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LiveUpdate not automatically running

I have my liveupdate set to automatic ( under settings>antivirus>updates)

However, if i go in and run it manually, it always ends up updating.So, i'm guessing it's not automatically running liveupdate. Any resolution. 

in the main page it has : You are Protected

Protection Updates: current

Last Scan 1 hour ago

However, when i run liveupdate, it finds updates to install.

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Re: LiveUpdate not automatically running

Double check the other settings mentioned towards the end of this link - look for the light bulb icon in the article.  The video is pretty good also.


Let us know if this helps.


Re: LiveUpdate not automatically running

I took a look. My network cost awareness is now set to "no limit". I looked at the network proxy settings and there is nothing checked on that screen. What do I set it as?


Re: LiveUpdate not automatically running

Hi,megan. Unless you use a proxy server, just leave that option unchecked.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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