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liveupdate troubleshooting

If you find that LIveupdate is not connecting to the Norton Server, a good program to have is Micro Soft Network Monitor. It is free and quite useful. I was able to see that the Norton server was timing out. And that does not appear to be a problem on my end. So with that I just waited, and sure enough, Liveupdate finally connected and worked all by itself. Before trying this, I had wasted alot of time messing with my Sonic Wall looking for answers. That is one thing I did not stumble on in all my searching, how often does the Norton Server time out? And the answer appears to be quite often. Close all programs, open network monitor and manually run Liveupdate. you will see it call out for a new DNS, you will see it connect to norton. and then you will either see it work or timeout. so long as it makes communication, you know there is nothing wrong with your connections. Certainly there can be exceptions and firewalls can be set to timeout early, but that is easy to check as well.



Re: liveupdate troubleshooting

looks like there is more to this unfortunately. It appears that the timeout in the network logs is indeed my Norton not responding back to the Norton server. So, after 2 days of "liveupdate unable to connect to server" warnings, I restart the computer and it works for about 4-5 times and then quits again. One thing I notice is on the dashboard the protection updates date is always one day behind the real date even though it says it is up to date. I will start a new thread with that question.

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