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llceflib_host.exe and sl

it seem llceflib_host.exe that is installed now with second life eats system resources. it endlessly opens that file in ones task manger and floods it. the most I counted was like 25+ all ranging from 5,000k to 35,000k. Then the next problem it opens things on your computer it shouldn't like the start up files and other things that are sensitive and when you try closing them you don't know with one too. yes granted you can close the llceflib_host.exe tasks and it closes the tasks but what are they trying to do? is linden labs spying on its users and collecting things on their hard drives? my opion this file should be black listed because it hogs system resources and possibly is stealing snap shots of the data on your computer.



Re: llceflib_host.exe and sl

Hello lyrikwritr,

I just Yahoo!ed that exe, and I'd like to share this OP here:

That file has something to do with the new media kit which as far as I know is still in beta or as the lab call it a project (SL) viewer (aka, Second Life Viewer).

Just downgrade (uninstall) that beta program if you do not need it. For more directions, you can view https://youtu.be/PWfYyhAdJ2w

More, I too tested the official download (filename, Second_Life_4_0_6_315555_i686_Setup); I was unable to detect the said multiple llceflib_host.exe processes in the Processes tab.

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