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Local Vault related doubts

Hi all here,
Greetings to all.:)
I have a few doubts about getting back to local vault. I hope your experience and comments will be helpful in clearing them.
Currently I am having NIS21.5 on win7 hp.
Digging down a lot of file hosting sites and torrents, I finally managed to grab the old version of ID safe (2 different copies) oldest going back to a version released in june 2012 via the facility 'way back machine' of www.archive.org/ .
The archive guys are so helpful for me to dig the past of websites and saves my *** a lot of time..
Well coming back,
Now I have about 100 days of remaining subscription and an unopened NIS 2013 with me.
Since the latest version is coming out by next month, September ( and hoping I will get an upgrade free of charge ), I will be resetting my windows to factory reset image (only for c drive) before upgrading to the new version.
About my factory reset, it has a 90 day trial NIS pre installed on it.
My plan is like this:
I will uninstall that pre installed OEM version.
Clean up my pc as much as possible.
Then I will install the oldest version of Norton ID safe I have downloaded and setup local vault.
Next I will install the NS if there is a free upgradation. (I am sure they should, as every product takes its own time to get to retail markets) or the latest version of NIS.

Explained all these, my doubt is,
Is following all the above steps a right way to retain local vault in NS or NIS.
Will updating the nortonsafeweblite.exe or NortonIdentitySafe-v1.exe will cause the created local vault to be migrated to cloud?

How will I be able to access my local vault? Only through the browser or is it possible via any other method [like that of NIS 2012, which had a seperate list of settings for it, if my memory is correct]

I am one of the customers who accidently migrated to cloud and hence kept that feature untouched for a long time and willing to come back.
I have the backups of local vault data in dat format..

I am following the above mentioned steps to ensure that even if I need to perform a manual uninstall and clean up, my vault remains intact and will survive those.

Your advises and comments are welcome...:)
regards, CV | There is no ONE TOUCH KEY to security . Be alert and vigilant. . | Always have a Backup Plan!


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Re: Local Vault related doubts

Hi cv,

I'm a bit pressed for time at the moment, let me think this through before answering, but my first thought was why would you want old copies of ID Safe?  I would want a copy of NIS 2012 which is the latest that had the Local Vault as an opiton in order to "over the top" to the new product - if that is possible.  As I said - I've got some real-life things to accomplish today - so as I get time I'll respond, but really until Norton tells us what we can and can not do as far as the new product upgrade goes - who knows?

Hopefully others will chime in until I can get back to you. 


Re: Local Vault related doubts

Hi yank,
thanks for looking into this. :)
Quoting :
" but my first thought was why would you want old copies of ID Safe? "
As I said before, even if I need to do a clean install of security software (ie, NIS or NS) I hope this would get me out of trouble to go back to NIS 2012 and follow the long upgrading and updating path for the upcoming versions.. Just in case...
regards, CV | There is no ONE TOUCH KEY to security . Be alert and vigilant. . | Always have a Backup Plan!
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Re: Local Vault related doubts

Hi cv,

I still don't understand the need for old ID Safe download - be it NIS or NS you may have to clean install, they will contain ID Safe as part of the GUI.  The older versions of ID Safe as I remember them started out much as the Stand Alone and did not get incorporated into the GUI - although you could Import the ID Safe Data from it into the ID Safe in the GUI.  But that did not "give you the Local Vault - there needed to be an option for the Local Vault in the GUI. 

Let's say you did manage to get an older copy of ID Safe working or even the current Stand Alone - yes you could install the Stand Alone - after removing the OEM (Trial version) as it would not detect a Norton Product.  Then you could probably Import your ID Safe Data from an Export you did to a USB Drive prior to doing the factory reset.  Once you have it in the Stand Alone though, how do you attempt to get it into a Local Vault if none are offered?

First thought comes to mind, is once you have the factory reset complete and the Trial uninstalled and cleaned up, install NIS 2012, setup the Local Vault and Import your Exported ID safe info as suggested above (saved prior to doing the reset).  Now once the ID Safe Local Vault is set-up in NIS 2012, we have tested and you do not have to update NIS 2012 through all the patches, but can in fact do an "over the top install" directly to NIS v 21 and retain ther Local Vault.  Now that said, I am not sure once again about the path to the "new product" as no one knows how it will be updated (or at least aren't stating in plain English).

Hopefully others will chime in with some ideas, and I'll continue to monitor this thread and chime in if I think of anything else or have anything to add.

The hard thing about all this is not knowing what the upgrade to the new product path will be, nor how it can be handled.

BTW - I tired your archieve link going back to June and I ended up with the download of the same version as is downloading now as the Stand Alone (v 2014.  but I may have done something wrong as I have never used that site before.

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Re: Local Vault related doubts

AFAIK The stand alone version of ID Safe used the cloud vault.. No local vault option.

You are best served to use the NIS 2012 version to establish the local vault for all Windows accounts separately..

One thing to check...The trial version may be a pre 2013 version, depending on how old the computer is, so you would be able to just use the trial that came with the computer to establish the local vault. Activate it with your current NIS key. Then wait to see what the offerings are for the new Norton Security.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Local Vault related doubts

Excellent thought on the trial peterweb . Just activate it, set up the Local Vault and go from there.

see cv - I told you there would be other ideas!

Re: Local Vault related doubts

Hi Nikhil_cv  Very important that you backup your id safe data in both formats DAT and CSV  as if I rember that you can  in NIS 2012 import your data in CSV FORMAT ONLY.  Also before you upgrade from your NIS2012 product that you set up your local id safe if you do not do this you will NOT have a local id safe


Re: Local Vault related doubts

Thanks for the replies, Yank, Peterweb and ALF60.
As a matter of fact I checked my software backup of my laptop.
Luckily the OEM trial is 2012 version:).
So, half job over.
Assuming NS beta will not have any policy change for id safe vault, I am going to try that reinstall step in VM in a few days. (I have to recreate the setup as I cleared all VM data a few days back when I decided to stop beta testing.)
I will let you all know how I will be doing.
regards, CV | There is no ONE TOUCH KEY to security . Be alert and vigilant. . | Always have a Backup Plan!

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