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login problem with Identity Safe Mobile app

I've been using Identity Safe with Norton 360 on my PC for several years and have come to really depend on it.  So, when I got my new Android 2.3 phone this weekend, and found there was a mobile app that would let me have access to my ID database, I was really excited.  I went through the Settings on my PC to put my Vault into the cloud and set up a special login for access to it.  When I picked up my phone and tried to login it, it told me the login was invalid.  I've reinstalled the app several times, but that didn't change anything.  I searched the Norton support database to no avail.  I finally got the opportunity to get to live chat for Norton support, but they couldn't help me and referred me here.  Has anyone had this problem or have an idea what I should do next?  I really like the concept of how this should work, but if this won't work then I may have to look at going back to EWallet or something like that.


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Re: login problem with Identity Safe Mobile app


Can you check to make sure that your login and passwords are correct? There is a Norton Account login/password and then an Online Vault password (strong password). Can you tell us at what point does the invalid message appear? Do you have any problems logging out/in to Identity safe via Norton 360 now?




Re: login problem with Identity Safe Mobile app

Sometimes actually READING the screen makes such a difference, although in my defense the error message flashes really fast.  I was thinking what I needed to put in was my vault password, but once you asked me about the error message I went back through the steps to be sure I was telling you correctly.  That's when I realized it was asking for my "account" password first.  Thanks!!  I'm in now. Funny no one managed to point this out to me until now.  Anyway - thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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