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Lost online vault password

I have had all the usual problems with IdentitySafe (disappearing toolbar on Chrome) and a few more.

I tried to change the vault password on my PC a couple of months ago, but every attempt was met with "Password change failed".  No additional info.  Great.

After that I found I had trouble logging in with my original password.  I would enter it {fail}, then the one I tried to replace it with {fail}, and finally with the original one again {success}.  It now seems to have stabilized, so I can use the original but still can't improve security by changing it.

I don't know if this is connected, but now I can't log on to the online vault at all.  I can log on to Norton, but when it prompts for my vault password, it rejects everything I try.  I tried both the existing one and the (failed) replacement one, and every time I get "Vault login failed".

On other occasions I get "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again", and suggesting customer support, who are totally useless.  I was having an online 'chat' with a guy who just disappeared before fixing it.

I read that in this case I need to delete my vault and retype in everything again.

1)  Is this correct?

2) Is there any syncing between the vault on the PC and the online one?

Any help much appreciated.  Thanks.



Re: Lost online vault password

Hi HisNerdship,

I notice you have set a label for IDSS - are you in fact using the Stand Alone ID Safe for your online vault and also have a Local Vault?  If that is the case, there is no synching between the two.  There is synching available between devices on line (PC, iPhone, android phone, laptop etc.)

If you have a Local Vault and have a backup of that info you should be able to Import it into the new Online Vault you set up (saving you typing).

Also please check downloads and see if the Online vault auto backed up to:  C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Norton Identity Safe Backups\User email address  You should be able to Import from there if available.


Re: Lost online vault password

Hi Yank,

Thanks for replying. I checked the IDSafe Standalone label, but wasn't sure what it was (even googling doesn't enlighten me much).  I take it this is just IDSafe without the rest of Norton Security?  If so, I checked wrong - I do have the full Norton works.

I used to be able to access all my logins/passwords online - they were magically uploaded from my desktop vault and I could access them with my desktop vault password.  However now it won't accept that password.  I did get through to a support guy yesterday (in India) who said 'the engineers are working on the problem' and it would be fixed soon, suggesting I was not alone in this.  Given I have had this problem for 2 months now, I suspect I was being fobbed off.  I am still left with the problem of not being able to change my password.

Yes I do have automatic backups in that folder.  So you suggest I uninstall Norton Security (including the IdentitySafe data), reinstall it and then re-import the login data from the backups?  How will this fix my issues with the online IdentitySafe, given I can't access it to delete it?

Sorry to pepper you with more questions.  Thanks again for your help.

Accepted Solution

Re: Lost online vault password

Hi HisNerdship,

From the sounds of it, you do not need to uninstall and reinstall Norton Security, but you do need to Reset Identity Safe by using the following information:


In Step 2, where you enter incorrect passwords, you must use 3 different incorrect passwords - using the same incorrect password three times will not work - yea, I know - crazy!

Once you complete the above and have a "new vault" you can Import the most recent vault backup you found.

Let us know how things go or if you have any more questions.


Re: Lost online vault password

Hey Yank,

You are a genius - many thanks, all solved.  I was worried that if I nuked my existing vault and imported the previously saved logins/passwords, I would also import the dysfunction of my previous vault!

Luckily I was wrong.

Thanks again


Re: Lost online vault password

You are very welcome and I am not a genius, just an old man who has been around quite a bit.  Glad it is all sorted!

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