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Man in the Middle malware on hughesnet modem?

Norton is saying my Hughesnet satellite modem is compromised with man in the middle malware.  hughesnet techs say they know nothing about it.  I use MacBook and iPhones. Mac Virus scan is negative. What do I do?



Re: Man in the Middle malware on hughesnet modem?

What is detected is that there is a vulnerability in the firmware for you modem. It is not saying anything has attacked your computer. I would suggest a factory reset of the modem. Be sure you have saved and written down all settings necessary for the connection from the modem to the ISP. If you still see the detection from Norton, contact Hughesnet again and send them a screenshot of the Norton detection.

Until your provider patches the modem or replaces it with an updated modem I would suggest using a VPN product to guard your information as it leaves and returns to your computer.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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