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Missing Site Ratings

I have this same issue on three machines. It started about two weeks ago. This is what happens.

Open IE 11.

Type in “Norton”. You will see the “Site Rating” on every selectable item.

Select the next page. You see NO “Site Ratings”. Go through the rest of the pages and you will not see any “Site Rating”.

Go back to page 1 and now there are No “Site Rating’s.

Shut down IE 11. Reopen IE 11.

Type in “Norton”. You will see the “Site Rating” on every selectable item on page 1. Go to page 2. Hit the refresh arrow. You see NO “Site Ratings”.

Now select any site on page two of query. Then close that page. Now all other sites on page two have “Site Ratings”.

Go to the next page. You now see every site has a double grayed out Norton icon. If you hover your mouse point on it states that it is secure. This also true when you go back to page 1.

What is going on here, I repeat that this started two weeks ago.



Re: Missing Site Ratings


Google has been making changes lately with Google. Perhaps that has something to do with it. You could try clearing out the temp files and caches and see if that helps. You could also check your settings with Google.

What operating system and Norton product version please?

Have a Good Night and


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