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This forum thread needs a solution.

Mistakenly clicked on a link in an email, do i need to be worried?

Hi, any advice would be appreciated, computer seems fine, have run full norton scan and power scan and nothing found. I am still quite anxious, do I need to do anything else or not?



Re: Mistakenly clicked on a link in an email, do i need to be worried?

Did you recognize the sender of the email? If it was someone you trust, you may be OK.

You could always run a second opinion scan using the FREE version of Malwarebytes. You can find it here https://www.malwarebytes.com/premium/

If you wish, you can disable the Premium version trial to use the product as an on demand scanner by using the instructions here.  https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1033

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Mistakenly clicked on a link in an email, do i need to be worried?

Hi, thanks very much for taking the time to reply. The email was from someone I trust but the content clearly wasn't, containing just a link with the request to open it by within two days. I am usually pretty switched on to not opening links in email but had a brain fade on this occasion. In what way is it safer if it's from someone you trust? (other than being a genuine email which it wasn't)

I had heard vaguely of malwarebytes but was a bit wary of using a site for a product of which I had no knowledge but might check it out now that you have recommended it.

As I said in my post, computer seems fine but leaves me worried as to what the purpose of getting me to open a link was in this case. One final point, my data is on a separate drive to the OS (W10) and also cloud stored. In the worst case and my PC has been hacked, will it still be safe?

Once again, thanks for taking the time to respond, I really do appreciate it.


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Re: Mistakenly clicked on a link in an email, do i need to be worried?

If Norton isn't finding anything I think you can relax a bit.  If the link were malicious, it would attempt to install malware using a toolkit designed to find vulnerable programs on your computer.  Norton catches most of these.  If the toolkit had been successful, other Norton components like Auto-Protect and SONAR would likely have alerted to anything that had been installed.  What sort of page opened when you clicked the link? 

The fact that the sender was "known" to you is not something you can feel safe about, however.  When the bad guys get access to someone's contact list, they often send out malicious emails and spoof the 'from" address so the messages appear to come from someone you know - you might even get an email from "yourself."  I would check with the sender in this case to 1) see if they actually did intentionally send you the link, and 2) if not, let them know that their email address is being spoofed so they can alert their contacts to watch for any suspicious messages coming from their address.

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