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This forum thread needs a solution.

Multi-Factor Authentication Blocked by Engine Zero dot 76 release

Recently from troubleshooting Evil Zero dot 75 version Engine post-beta failure.

The MFA SW (Mutlti-Factor Authentication software) used by:

  • Capitol One,
  • Discover, 
  • Commerce Bank (operated by Commerce Bancshares, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri),
  • and other secure sites I've never visited.

MFA SW authenticates the User/Client browser by leaving a file/cookie. When cookies, temps and cache are cleared. pre-selected questions must be answered. or key in a code delivered by phone, text, e-mail, or HW device. The user authenticate his identity by entering the code or answering questions.

That page the SW presents has been blocked by dot 76 engine. I have not been able to register my IE 11 Browser on my Window 7 Professional system, Unless & UNTILL, I un-install NSBU or disable by renaming its folder using safe mode. Re-boot log to the site get the browser registered. Then re-install or re-enable by safe-mode change the folder name back.

The Zero dot 76 version Engine release I have is soon to be replaced by post-beta One dot 32 version Engine (experimental) LU gave me the draft notice and I stopped the LU to doit later when I get my supply or roundtuit's re-stocked. SEE:




All so affected users: Post the secure site name not working for you and that I never visited so Norton will stop blocking that (or those) MFA applications.

Tell that site's "Trouble-signing-in Technicians" to open an escalation to have their Corporate titled person to contact their MFA publisher and Symantec/Norton if the site's servers use a Norton/Symantec Enterprise Security product of some sort.

Thank to All of you


Now I have to report the LU Draft Center, I selected AND LABELED this to Norton Security with Backup and Norton Security and the forum SW put it in Norton Internet Security