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This forum thread needs a solution.

Multiple(?) BIOS passwords


Since long I seem to have multiple(?) BIOS-passwords on one of my PCs.

Every major update of either Norton 360 or Windows operative (Vista and Win10) it refuses the correct password. I always have to retype it (and, yes, it is the correct one first time).

I have never set a different BIOS password than the original one - so, why this behavior?

Norton Power Eraser or Full system scan never finds anything. I have also set Norton 360 to aggressive boot.

Is there some security-item that hooks on earlier than NPE or Norton 360 (aggressive boot) - something like the renown IceSword - that is able to detect/remedy this problem?



Re: Multiple(?) BIOS passwords

duplicate thread

BIOS password(s) --- Different heading but same post.

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Re: Multiple(?) BIOS passwords


Before performing the given options below, please tell us what you saw exactly? The ONE as attatched?

If so, perform a thorough virus check in Safe Mode w/ Networking by running the latest version of Norton 360 later.

Or, you saw this one?


Now you: have you ever tried removing the said BIOS password? To do so, you simply take the following options without using any other software:

1) removing CMOS battery (recommended) - please note that you MUST shut down your computer > unplug the power cord FIRST - wait for 15-30 minutes >> put battery back > boot your Windows and check.

(from: HP.com)
2) using motherboard jumper, which could be...

labeled CLEAR, CLR, CLEAR CMOS, PSSWRD, or a variety of other labels. Refer to your motherboard's documentation to find the correct jumper.

Hit http://www.wikihow.com/Reset-Your-BIOS for more info.

For more help, please contact Norton Support@ http://norton.com/chat

Thanks and luck!


Most virus writers won't bother writing to the BIOS.

never heard of a virus being able to affect the BIOS password

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Re: Multiple(?) BIOS passwords

Login is similar to the second alternative (no change - looks the same as it always has).

Removing CMOS battery - I might loose HDD settings, don't want that. Furthermore, BIOS pw can be stored in e.g. an EEPROM on the MB.

Sofisticated BIOS trojans/viruses do exist, affecting PCs etc.

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