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Multiple devices

I'm new to all of this and, well, old too.  I bought a multiple device license in October 2017.  I installed one license on my desktop (windows xp - I know, I know:).  Since then I've bought a new desktop and lap top, both running windows 10.  I downloaded Norton on my new desktop today.  "My Subscription" is only showing the new computer under my "devices" and I've checked on both desktops.  However, when I click on the Norton icon in the lower left corner it shows I'm protected on my old desktop.  What have I done wrong?  When I download Norton on my lap top, will it appear as one of my devices?


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Re: Multiple devices

On the computer that is not showing, go into Norton Security and click on Settings - Administrative Settings, and be sure Remote Management is turned on.  Then, also from the main Norton screen, click on Help - Subscription Status. This will sync your computer with the Norton servers. 

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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