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This forum thread needs a solution.

my existing and valid norton security de luxe doesnot work any longer

My subscrition is still valid up to february 2019. My PC signals: that I am no longer protected.

Does NORTON SECURITY DELUXE FOR 5 DEVICES no longer protect a system operating under WINDOWS VISTA HOME all that sudden?


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Re: my existing and valid norton security de luxe doesnot work any longer

Hi Win uit Heesch:

I have Vista SP2 computer that uses Norton Security Premium.  If you go to Help | General Information | About do you have version number v22.15.1.8 (released 12-Sep-2018)?  Norton is now in Maintenance Mode for these older operating systems (see Norton employee Gayathri_R's announcement Norton Maintenance Mode for Windows XP and Windows Vista) so you won't receive the latest product update v22.16.x, but you should continue to receive regular malware definitions (e.g., SDS definitions, Web Protection definitions, etc.) and remain actively protected by Norton.

Try running a manual LiveUpdate (Security | LiveUpdate) to ensure your malware definitions are up to date and you've been patched to v22.15.1.8.  If that doesn't help, go to Help | Account Information | Subscription Status and sync your local computer to Norton's subscription servers to ensure the days remaining on your subscription are in sync with what's displayed on your Norton interface.

Post back and let us know if that solves your problem.

There is one other thing you should check since you have a Vista SP2 OS.  Extended support for Vista SP2 ended 11-Apr-2017, but there is currently a known issue on Vista SP2 computers where Windows Update can hang on "Checking for updates..." for several hours (or even days) without throwing an error message. See the VistaForums FAQ How to Fix Vista SP2 "Checking for Updates..." Hangs and Slow Windows Updates for more information. If your computer is affected by this problem your Windows Update Agent will consume huge amounts of CPU for days on end and could prevent Norton (and other installed software) from running correctly.

Open your Internet Explorer 9 browser and go to Help | About Internet Explorer - if IE9 has Update Versions v9.0.60 / KB4014661 as shown in the image below that likely means that Windows Update was able to deliver your last batch of April 2017 updates.  If you have an older IE9 Update Version then you are likely affected by these "Checking for updates..." hangs - post back and let me know the KB number since that will indicate the last time Windows Update ran to completion on your computer.

Even if your IE9 browser is patched with KB4014661, please note that MS Office 2010, MS Office 2007 and/or the MS Office Compatibility Pack SP3 (an add-on that allows older MS Office products to work with files with newer Open XML formats like .docx, .xlsx, etc.) can also cause these "Checking for updates..." hangs on Vista SP2 computers and degrade system performance.
32-bit Vista Home Premium SP2 * Firefox ESR v52.9.0 * Norton Security Premium v22.15.1.8
HP Pavilion dv6835ca, Intel Core2Duo T5550 @ 1.83 GHz, 3 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS

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