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My experience unboxing a retail copy of NS with Backup

Hello friends,

Tesco relented on their return policy and I was able return a sealed NIS box for a copy of NSwB at no additional cost to me.

I opened the nice yellow box, only to find a laminated product key card and no emergency CD or USB stick inside.

Retail price is 37 pounds! Not a bargain, IMO.

Bottom line, is that you have to D/L the product to your computer and activate it using the Product Key. No offline, obviously.

I wish that they included a spiffy yellow "Norton" 1 GB USB stick for the actual retail cost of the product, to use in case of boot emergency and a method to keep it updated.

Better off buying the key via a trusted source on the Internet and having it emailed to you. Check for a sale!





Re: My experience unboxing a retail copy of NS with Backup

This seems to be the case with all retailers. I got the boxed version from Newegg and it was the same thing. This has been posted before with a suggestion to create a bootable rescue disk or USB as it does not appear Norton is even using a DVD anymore. We've been waiting to hear from someone in the company if this is the case. The one good thing about this is you will have the latest version with the smallest number of updates needed to be current. The perplexing thing is why do they even create a retail box to put a credit card with your key code inside. Why not just an envelope? At least then you won't be fooled into thinking you're getting a bootable rescue disk, as was always the case in the past when you bought the boxed version. And if you're not getting free shipping, you shouldn't be paying anything more than the rate for a standard postal letter. That's all that's needed to get the card. You'd think it would cheaper for everyone to just email you the key code and tell you to download the product. You end up doing that anyway.

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Re: My experience unboxing a retail copy of NS with Backup

Why do they need two products  NS and NSwBU
They only need one product Norton Security
Backup like Norton Family can be an add-on

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