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My new website - Web Safe Warning

I am a user of Norton Safe Web for my own computer but...

I am thoroughly tired of Safe Web and scam insight ratings either not being completed after 2 days of requests or inaccurate ratings being applied.

Message from Norton:

Scam Insight: Personal Information Risk


My new website www.digitalmarketingslrgroup.com is hosted by GODADDY, and is verified and secured by GoDaddy. At the bottom of my Homepage you can see the LOGO verified and secured by GoDaddy. 

I have attached to this email a webpage showing my security on GoDaddy. You can read that my website is SAFE. And you can even read on the report of GoDaddy that Norton Safe Web is verified and secured. Now, are you telling me that GoDaddy is not a company to trust?

Is it a scam to try to sell me your security system at around $900-$1,500 for businesses?

Running a business is difficult enough without detrimental wrongful accusations being made by Norton. I am losing customers because of your inaccurate rating. And, I don't have to fix a problem that you cause me wrongly and without justification.

Please sort out my outstanding rating requests immediately. I am just another customer of your product that you are accusing wrongly without any real circumstances to support it.


Accepted Solution

Re: My new website - Web Safe Warning

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