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Is my Norton Security Premium broken?

Basically, I would like to know for sure whether my Norton was updated correctly.

What happened was, I tried to update, and for whatever reason, after downloading the update Norton was taking forever to apply the update. I cancelled the update, but Norton was also taking forever to cancel.

I left it cancelling til the next day. When I came back, not only did Norton not finish cancelling the update, my computer froze. I had to force a restart.

I clicked 'Live Update' and Norton proceeded to download and apply the update I cancelled smoothly. I scanned a few small files and it worked. However, I'm afraid that the patch was not installed correctly due to me forcing a restart while Norton was still trying to cancel.

How can I know for sure that my Norton is whole?


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Re: Is my Norton Security Premium broken?

Hi. If you've been updated to the latest version 22.9, I would suggest running Live Update manually until no more are found.

Then restart your machine. If you have the green tick in your system tray, then all should be ok.

If you have any further problems,let us know.

Windows 10 Home X 64

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