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My only NS slowdown issue-Closing a window

Hi :-)

Using NS does not seem to affect the speed of my PC or internet download speed, with ONE exception. When I close a window it takes several seconds. This typically happens while using the internet. If I click on something that opens a new browser window and then close it, is when it is most apparent. It does not happen when closing a tab in a browser or the browser itself. (I usually use Firefox, but it happens with all browsers.) In all browsers that give an option, I have it set to open links in a new tab. But some sites still open a new, not-maximized sized, browser window.

Is there some setting I may have made that may be causing this? Although the delay is typically only approx. 3-7 seconds, it is annoying.

A typical example: I visit a news aggregation site - NewsNowUK - It aggregates news from around the world under various categories, one of which is PC/network/internet security. It pushes out an update every five minutes 24/7. When you click-on a link to a story it opens a new Firefox window (not maximized). Closing that popped-opened window takes an annoyingly long time. This is just one example. It happens on all sites that open a new window. ( I mention that site as just one example because I believe it is an excellent site,particularly for those with an interest in computer-related security news and developments).

Closing program GUIs is fine and closing an application is fine. Closing Control Panel and anything like that is fine.

OS: Win 8.1 64x



Re: My only NS slowdown issue-Closing a window

Same setup ~ not having issue you describe.  FF34 Tabs settings top 4 checked and I do a Ctrl to open new Tab upon link click.

Close Tab is instant.   I did a Custom setup as I disabled Metro etc. etc. etc. and replaced with Classic Shell.  Just letting you know it's not site issue for me. 


Re: My only NS slowdown issue-Closing a window

Thanks bjm.

My tabs close instantly also. My issue is when a link opens in a new pop-up Firefox Window. That's what is taking time to close. I also have my settings to open New Windows in a Tab, but for some sites I visit, some links over-ride that setting.

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