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My Password manager is not syncing....

Hello I had changed one of my passwords this morning and went into my vault and corrected the password..... later today when I went back into the site FB the password did not take.... went back into my vault and it shows the updated password????  in my extension it is still wrong??? I logged out of the extension and then back in got the tone and message that the password manager was synced but this is not true the extension password is still wrong

HELP this is a pain!!!!


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Re: My Password manager is not syncing....

How did you go into your vault to make the initial change? From your browser's extension, from the vault website, from your Norton Security product?

You used the forum label 'local vault'. If in fact you still have a local vault and you changed the information from your Norton Security product, it would not sync with any other online vault access methods.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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