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My subscription will run out and I will move on.

I gave up on Norton Online Backup. My subscription will run out and I will move on. After my laptop power supply quit, I could not get anything off my online backup. And if it takes forever to get files back, it is useless to any users of that program. Customers now a days want things fast and don't want to wait. No weeks to try and get files back to get back on track with a new computer. I can get files off a external HD backup faster and be bad in service with in hours, not weeks or months. No one has time for that. With all the smart technology Norton has, they should be able to come up with something faster for today's needs of customers.



Re: My subscription will run out and I will move on.

   I have a lap top here that still works but is ate up with problems.  The money I spent on External hard drive is a faint memory now. I will never again put my computor at risk by trying to dissassociate it from the symantec corporation. I can only spell that cause its at the top.

  I can see potential attacts now that I  was sheilded from even needing to learn about now. and watch Nortan kick **bleep**. It's kinna funny sometimes. but it's not funny. You cannot possibly wipe that PC from all the automated systems that will not opporate any more without the assistance of the connection to NORTAN.

 I do not work for them. in fact I warn you againts trying to disconect with them , just by a tarbyte thingy like I did.They will not take it lying down believe me. Spread anything vital information around on a couple differant storage sights incase your house burns down ,and dont pick a fight, lol

Start new with next new PC :)

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