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mysterious system carshes

My Norton Security Deluxe crashes while analyzing my C drive. Windows crashes and I get a blue screen after roughly 100.000 files are scanned. Power eraser did not detect any viruses or malware. Malwarebytes Anti Malware, also installed, does not detect anything wrong. When I try to do a scan using Bitdefender online this fails as it won’t start up? Now I DE installed Norton and installed temporarily a test version of EST NOD32 antivirus that works fine and detects nothing wrong after a deep scan of all my drives.

Do I suffer from a hidden virus? Can I install safely Norton AV again? Why do I get these system crashes?



Re: mysterious system carshes

It could be tons of different things causing this issue. Most likely not a virus. Blue screens can occur for hundreds of reasons. Did you always have Norton on your system before? Did you completely remove your previous antivirus? Are you running any other security along side Norton? Power Erase is ONLY to be used if you are infected. What is your OS? What version of Norton were you using? 

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