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N360 Backup Delete Is Really Slow

I'm using a PC with one internal 1T drive dedicated to backup and I use one 2T USB drive dedicated to backup. When one gets full, I just switch the where drive and use the other. Right now both are full and I want to delete the oldest, but after 12 hours it deleted only 3,000 of the 100,000 thousand files. This is a totally unacceptable rate. It says I don't have the admin authority to directly delete the file, although this is just a single PC and I am the only user. I am through trying to use N360 to delete the backup. How can I get the admin authority to use explorer to delete the folder on either my USB drive or my Internal drive?

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Re: N360 Backup Delete Is Really Slow

@Michael L. Pickett:

1. To get the hidden admin access, you may read this post (Windows 10) and/or this one (for Windows 7)

Windows 10 creates two additional user accounts automatically which are both inactive by default.

The administrator account is a hidden, disabled and built-in account with Windows 7/Vista/xp[XP SP3 / SP2]. 

2. Then, you may consider formatting the target disks, then starting from scratch. See related tips as follows:

Plz review this comment (Part 3) before taking action to create a new backup file.

And to make the best of your storage space, plz read this KB especially the info re A2261 error.

You can exclude files and folders by deselecting the file categories and manually adding your important files and folders to the backup set.

Thx :) 

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