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N360 Restore only returned a small fraction of files

Using Norton 360 on Windows 10 (Anniversary Update not installed) - This computer was bought new on 7/10/16 after the old one had a fatal hardware failure.  This is exactly the situation for which I use N360 backup.  I have Norton 360 backups to an external drive from the old computer, but have only been able to restore 300 MB out of 18 GB to the new computer. 

The file structure of this backup file is different from my other N360 backups.  This one has all the files that were restored (300 MB) in the root of the N360 backup file.  These files came from a single folder on the old dead computer.  There is also a database in the root, and an additional folder which contains a number of subfolders which, according to their sizes, appear to contain my missing 18 GB of files.  I have not been able to access these additional subfolders in my N360 backup.

My N360 backups on other computers do not contain any individual backup files in the root of the N360 backup folder.  On both the old and new computers, I have been running the latest version of N360.

By the way, I also had a Windows Backup (2 yrs old, not kept current since I was relying on N360).  Had no difficulty restoring from that backup, but of course it was so old as to be practically worthless.

Any suggestions for restoring the additional files from N360 Backup would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: N360 Restore only returned a small fraction of files

I have asked this thread be moved to the Backup board for better exposure.

Are you using the Restore function in a new installation of 360?

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: N360 Restore only returned a small fraction of files

Yes, it's N360 installed on the new/replacement computer.  The old computer, where the backup was made, is totally dead and cannot be restarted even using the system recovery USB stick that I had made before it died.


Re: N360 Restore only returned a small fraction of files

Problem solved.  For those who may run into this situation....

I had installed the current version of N360 on the new computer and was trying to restore using that software's backup/restore capability.  Apparently the internal database in the N360 backup file was corrupted.  The Norton Help Center person instead used the app "arestore.exe" to restore the files.  This app is found in the folder "C:/Program Files (x86)/Norton 360/Engine/(version number)" on my win-10 computer (default installation).

The file was huge, at least 100 GB.  Apparently it suffered from the problem of sometimes doing a full backup rather than incremental.  A single full backup would have been 18 GB.  I first copied the N360_Backup folder to my C: drive, to use the much faster PC bus for the restore.  This copy alone took several hours on a USB 3.0 connection due to the file size.  I then ran the Arestore app.  It took several hours to index the backup (I'm assuming that's what it was doing). then it paused awaiting my selection of options, and then I was able to start the restore operation.  It ran to completion in 3-4 hours, and I believe it was complete.  I have found everything I was hoping to get from this restore.

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