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Need a backup expert? what files can I back up that will function after a restore

Problem came up where I might have to go back to my old HP (Buy when purchased os installation drives and drivers dvd's). So I can now go back to when the computer was first purchased without any problem.

Question: What about important program files?

Examples: Norton 360

Microsoft Office 2010

Is there a way for me to back these and other program files up with Norton's backup using an external hard drive. I have 360gb hard drive?   If not what files and where can I back up.

I ALWAYS GET THE SAME OLD ANSWER YOU SHOULD BACKUP DOCUMENTS PHOTOS AND MUSIC. I really don't have much in those catagories am mostly worried about purchased program data ect.


Accepted Solution

Re: Need a backup expert? what files can I back up that will function after a restore


There's a logical reason why you always hear the same answer. Backing up applications poses several issues:

    • First and foremost is copyright and licensing.
    • When applications install they scatter files and settings throughout the system. Backup programs can attempt to get all the needed components including registry settings but its inevitable something will get missed.
    • Different versions of Windows have different requirements, settings and other variables that can't always be accounted for.
    • Most applications are provided on disc or downloadable via the site you purchased it from. That's the case with Norton 360.

These are some of the key reasons PC migration packages have never really taken off main stream. Sure there are a few on the market but I've dealt with most of them and wouldn't use them personally. So technically yes, you could backup the programs but the headaches it will cause you is not worth it really.

You can easily re-download Norton 360 from http://www.mynortonaccount.com/. It will provide a download link usually and your product key.

As for Microsoft Office you have to use what Microsoft provided you unless you're using the cloud version of Office.

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