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Need Help Restoring Files After N360_Backup - Norton Security Premium

After spending nearly an entire day in a Chat session with a Norton rep in a remote session, I am no closer to resolving my problem. Now I am here looking for help; please let me know what other information you may need to address my situation.

Using the Backup function in Norton Security, I saved everything on my computer to a Seagate Backup Plus Portable Drive prior to installing Windows 10. I backed everything up because I needed to wipe my hard drive before installing 10. The N360_Backup file is 141 GB; named {55BB35C4-2B61-45E9-AF1E-58A504417B8E}; contains a total of 66,980 files in 16 folders. All of which are encrypted with similar files names, i.e., 000BA68-6D5C-4F35-9BDC-EE686B51EB76}. Please see attached files.

When I use the Norton Restore Files function, the files remain encrypted and many of files appear to be missing. The majority of these files are work-related that I access regularly and I am panicking! 

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Need Help Restoring Files After N360_Backup - Norton Security Premium

Hello RCL9. First, its far more secure to post screenshots into your posts using this guide. There are two files named ARestore.exe and ARestore.loc which SHOULD also have been copied to your external drive when the backup was done. Look for them. If ARestore.exe cannot be found use this article and the link provided to download that file and put a copy on your external backup drive. Follows the  "on screen instructions". It will take some time to complete so remain patient with the process.


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