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Need Help understanding Identity Safe issues and migration from local to cloud

I have a two computer one router "homeowner" network.  I have been an Internet user since it was ARPANET.  I made a living helping others do what they wanted to do using computing technology and retired as a software systems consultant with enough gigs lined up by word of mouth to keep me busy for a couple of years.

Now I'm facing a "how to" issue with the new cloud based identity safe component of the tool bar.  I subscribe to Norton's up to five device security product and have it on two Windows 10 (x64) computers and a couple of Samsung Galaxy 4 Android 5.1 smart phones.

The computers have "yours" "mine" and "ours" identities configured the same way under windows, so I can log in for administrative purposes or to conduct family business as the "ours" identity, as can my wife.  The she has her identity and I have mine.  Right now all this is working more or less reliably but using the toolbar accessing local identity safe databases that were set up under earlier versions of Norton products.  Fairly recently, I've been running into broswer "issues" caused by the fact that Norton is looking for a cloud based identity safe when we keep essentially three separate databases of URL's and passwords on our local hard drives.

I do not want to try to "cut and paste" and test to get every URL with security that we use configured under a single cloud based dataset, especially given the number of situations caused by banks, etc. that reqired us over the years to set up separate web identities for each family member (she has her login, I have mine) situtations.

Can I "crowd source" advice on how to mange all this?  One other little glitch is that the cloud (norton) knows the wrong identity if I were being logical and put the cloud based identity save under the "ours" account in our little network instead of mine.

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Re: Need Help understanding Identity Safe issues and migration from local to cloud

Hi zundapman,

There is another thread discussing a similar situation - please see my post in the following link and see if that helps to explain what you are asking.  Perhaps we can go from there with any questions you may have.


I'll add that Chrome and Internet Explorer are the only browsers that still have the ability to use Local Vaults - thus Fire Fox and Edge can only utilize the Cloud Vault.

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Re: Need Help understanding Identity Safe issues and migration from local to cloud

Following up on your other thread here,   https://community.norton.com/en/forums/how-can-i-migrate-existing-local-...

I just tested a way you can create a cloud vault using your PC without messing up your current local vaults.

As I suggested already, make backups of each of your Local vaults. Save these to a thumb drive. Now on the PC, create a new Windows user. Log into that user and then open Norton Security and click the Identity tab and click Identity Safe. This will bring up a let's get started screen. Click that and then click the Create new Account. Use the email of one of the phone users to set up a Norton Account for them. Follow the instructions to create a new online vault. Once the vault is set up, you can open ID Safe Settings and click the Import/Export tab. Then you can import the selected vault you backed up on the thumb drive. Then that user should be able to access the vault from the phone. Remember, that any changes you make on your local vaults will not be synced to the new cloud vault on the phone. 

I was able to test this for one user. You may have to set up another temporary Windows user for each cloud vault you want to set up.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Need Help understanding Identity Safe issues and migration from local to cloud


Just as part of the info being shared in regards to the "Local Vault".  About a week ago,I ran into many problems with my WIN 10 install - Windows Update would not complete install of updates, System Restore would not work, Recovery would not work amongst other little things, so I restored from an image that I knew still had the Local Vault.  I now have a Local Vault again thanks to the restored image.   

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