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Neeed to know if current versions of ID Safe are reliable

Starting at least a couple of months ago, when versions and were released, ID Safe would no longer reliably sign me in to web sites. I decided at that time to revert to and turn off automatic updates, since that version was reasonably reliable. The add on page for the Firefox ID Safe extension is now up to Are any of the newer releases consistently filling in logins? I would like to be able to upgrade, but I have seen some posts on this forum that (for at least several users) indicate that they are having issues with versions after An added reason for not wishing to try out a newer version is that is no longer available to back up to.

Can one of the moderators or experts that post here give me a recommendation as to which version is safe? I noticed a post from one of these experts that Norton had lost a lot of employees and that us users needed to be understanding. I am willing to be (up to a point) but I need a recommendation on whether or not to proceed, or to wait.



Re: Neeed to know if current versions of ID Safe are reliable

I'm just another forum participant with "issues" with the Identity Safe architecture and integration across browsers and devices.  I used the safe for several years when it was integrated with the Norton Internet Security subscription I got through Comcast.  Since I have moved to a new ISP and upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, it has become a PITA, primarily because the browser manufacturers, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are all trying to steal the functionality it provided.  Therefore, you must now specify, what browser you are using with the Identity Safe, and whether or not you have checked to see if the browser, by default is trying to save your logins to sites with passwords on its' own service while the Identity Safe is closed, or if it is trying to supply passwords along with the Identity safe.  It can be quite confusing to us "Old Geezers" who once lived in a simpler world.

For a long time, I used both the Local version of the Identity Safe and the Internet based version in different contexts.  I do not know which your version numbers apply to, but... Since I use Edge, Outlook, Chrome, and Firefox, and occasionally even an old instance of the Windows Based version of Apple.s browser,  If there is a specific "known problem" you can document or describe, I'll take a crack at it.

During my "testing phases" I used a different password for my Norton Internet Security components, and the Identity Safe on the Norton Web Site.  My "issue" is what will the behavior of the Identity Safe be if I make its' password the same as the one I use automatically when a computer starts up to log me into Notron Internet Security?  One of my computers is a portable I may "loan out" to others and I would like to be able to "switch back and forth" between having it open automatically when I log into Windows and only opening when I supply a special "Identity Safe Only" credential. 

My configuration may be overly complex for the Norton Development Team to deal with as software evolves so quickly and we face changing circumstances.,

"Retired Cybergeek"

Re: Neeed to know if current versions of ID Safe are reliable


The issue that I experienced when I first was updated to and was that my browser (Firefox) on many websites for which I have logins stored in my ID Safe Vault acted as if ID Safe was not installed (I only use the online vault; at some point I lost track of how to maintain a local vault). It didn't auto fill the logins and in fact it didn't even prompt me to have it fill in the logins. After asking some questions on this forum and in a chat with Norton support, I decided to go back to the previous release ( and stay there by turning off the updates. It is now several months later and Norton has released several new versions of the Firefox ID Safe Add-on, but I have no evidence and very little confidence that any of these will help, and as I stated when I opened this post, I can no longer go back to the last known working version ( if I try one of the newer versions and it doesn't work.

If you can provide any evidence that the newer versions have fixed the problem with auto-filling the logins, that would be appreciated. The fact that none of the other regular contributors (also known as administrators)  nor a Norton employee with whom I had a chat could offer any substantive evidence that the newer versions fix the problem only serves to confirm my doubts.

It seems strange that none of these administrators have offered their opinions on this issue. Even if they won't guarantee the new versions will fix the login problems, I would hope that at the very least they could provide a method for me to backup the old version so that I could restore it if the new versions fail. A very sad state of affairs.

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