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Is new, Bank of America Advisory Panel Invite email legitimate?

Hello! I know that Norton Security scans incoming and outgoing emails, but I had an Email issue yesterday that deserves some attention and investigation. As I looked at the incoming email titles from my ISP home page, there was an email titled "You are invited to join Bank of America member advisory committee" ; the email states that the valued member would give valuable feedback, into how Bank of America is doing, with it's customers, and how potential improvements could be made.

There was also mention of earning Bank of America reward points, and there would be a drawing for a winning Visa Cash Card.  Now, here is my concern.  Of course, I did not log into my account through this email, but I did click, to open it. When I opened the email, I got the "white screen", and the "Hmmm, this page cannot be reached message". The email had the "HTTPS" heading, but when I clicked on the "padlock symbol", for more info, the submenu said "no security certificate can be found". I immediately closed out the email, and spent several hours, running security check/virus programs.

I consider this a serious request issue.  This may have made it's way through or past the Norton email precheck or vetting process. There are plenty of webforum  search headlines on this subject right now; Google Bank of America Advisory Panel committee email.

I would like Norton to research this, and if this Bank of America email forum is a scam, or if any virus could be installed, simply by clicking on this (it sure had the legitimate appearance), I would like Norton to block this, or add this email to their "watch" area and forums.  I am sorry that I fell for this, clicking on the email.

Norton Security is doing a great job, and this message is meant to be helpful, and informative. Thank you!


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Re: Is new, Bank of America Advisory Panel Invite email legitimate?

If you are not a Bank of America customer, it is probably a scam. If you are a Bank of America customer, you would need to contact them to ask about the legitimacy of the email.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

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