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New laptop

How to install my Norton Securitywith backup(I have 8 installs left) on a new laptop when I turn it on for the first time?



Re: New laptop

A new laptop will come with pre installed security. Usually Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee or Trend Micro. If it comes with the same Norton you have then you can insert your key but deactivate your old one first. If it comes with something other then Norton you will need to uninstall those first. Your Norton can be downloaded by logging into your Norton account



Re: New laptop


You can download Norton Security with Backup by using this link.

www.norton.com/latestnsbu  Please remember to run Live Update  and restart as necessary until no more updates are available. Restart one more time. Also, please remember to go over your settings.


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Re: New laptop


Below's how to make the best of your Norton Security w/ Backup (NSBU):

Before you get started with the below directions, plz gain the admin privileges.

1. Update your new laptop, including from operating system to 3rd-party applications and to device drivers especially the graphics card driver.

To update device driver, plz visit the manufacturer's website (avoid using digital snake oil) and try customizing the installation process so you can preventing Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) from installing. You may read this official KB and look into the Step 3:

Select your graphics card manufacturer:

  • AMD/ATI Radeon HD video graphics
  • Intel HD video graphics
  • NVIDIA graphics (Java is required. Uninstall it later to avoid security hole.)

Reboot to make those updates to take effect.

2. Check your programs list for pre-installed foistware especially non-Norton security program.

a. I kindly suggest that you use Revo Uninstaller to clean out those regular junkware. I just assume you're using a Windows 10 system. Plz disable fast startup if you encounter any unwanted issues when using your NSBU.

b. As for non-Norton or pre-installed Norton security app/software, you had better...

  • download the offline setup file@ norton.com/latestnsbu floplot suggested (time-saving) using some program download manager like Internet Download Manager (Tip: you may run IDM as a on-demand downloader only and, disable that app from running w/ your system) FIRST.
  • head to this page and get the right uninstall tool to remove that non-Norton security app thoroughly. And if you're running a pre-installed Norton product, plz run Norton Removal Tool directly. Reboot when you finish the security product removal. 

c. Install your NSBU as the admin user. Run LiveUpdate to get all of latest updates from Norton server. Again, remember to restart your system to make those downloads take effect. Activate your NSBU. For more help, plz read this KB and/or this one later.

d. Get CCleaner so you can clear out junk within few clicks.

3. Perform a new backup for your system:

a. Make sure your system is up-to-date (through this official support page), virus/malware-free (scan yr system using the most recent NSBU in Safe Mode), and junk/PUPs-free (CCleaner + Revo; do not miss out on your browser configurations like homepage).

Have trouble removing malware? Head to (bookmark the following) Norton Virus Protection Promise (page).

b. Move your downloaded stuff like movies to other location on your computer. Exclude those LESS important hives before you back up your computer. For related instructions, I highly recommend that you read this KB especially the "Common Norton Online Backup errors" first.

Exclude some of the less important files and folders from your backup set.

You can exclude files and folders by deselecting the file categories and manually adding your important files and folders to the backup set.

For more information, see the following help topics:

  • See Changing the backup settings.
  • See Adding files and folders to Norton Online Backup.
  • See Excluding files and folders from Norton Online Backup.

c. (Optional) Delete the Windows.old folder - Still, you can make a backup for that huge file first.

d. Re-check (test/run) your system when the backup is done.

If you meet any problems with the above steps, plz free feel to contact OFFICIAL Norton support.

Thx :)

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