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New Norton 360 Version & New Toolbar

Just received and 85 meg update which gave me version 21.3 of Norton 360 as well as a revised toolbar, 2014.7.0.46.  Trying to get to my security to see what was downloaded and it has been loading for 10 minutes.  Believe there were about 22 files downloaded.

Anybody know if this is the multiple logins fix or what it is???  Dropdowns still working after 15 minutes but, only time will tell if they continue.





Re: New Norton 360 Version & New Toolbar

Hi David,

Here is the info on update:


I do not believe it includes the multiple log-in fix - the items it includes  are in the above link.


Re: New Norton 360 Version & New Toolbar

Correct Yank, no change to the dropdowns or multiple logins.  An hour after reboot for the updates and back to normal, or is that abnormal.

Thanks for the link to what the updates include.  Did finally get the list of updates and it was 28 files and the listing is less than useless as almost all of the updates have exactly the same description with the difference the size of the files.

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