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New Norton security is terrific; best to purchase it versus renewing NIS 2015

My Norton Internet Security 2015 was up for renewal and it was hard to get information whether to renew, with the hope that it would upgrade to new Norton Security when NIS supposedly won't be supported at the end of this year, or buy new Norton Security. Through various forums, including here, it became very clear it would be best to buy the new Norton Security.  It can be purchased at various sources but to avoid potential problems I purchased it directly at my Norton account

The download was seamless and took no more than ten minutes to remove old NIS 2015 and install new NS. It even put the desktop shortcut in the right place on my screen. When I then checked the security features, I found it had automatically carried over my past history, which was unexpected but great. I also was able to get the three weeks that remained on my old subscription added to the new subscription by contacting Norton directly.

I then used the file cleaner which can be found among the security features -- not sure if it was even available in NIS 2015 but glad I found it. Within three or so minutes, it removed over 5,000 Internet Explorer temporary files and over 3,000 Windows temporary files.  All harmless but this definitely freed up space.

I then went to Play Store on my Android tablet and downloaded the free Norton mobile app. That in turn allowed me to log into my Norton account and the tablet instantly downloaded the new Norton Security for mobile devices quickly and with no hassles.  When I went through some of the features, I found that it was already scanning the existing files and apps on my tablet and identified one as medium risk (from Wall Street Journal, no less) which I clicked as "ok" at least for now but nice to know Norton Security will now check any new apps for problems before I download them.  I also found that the tablet had been automatically logged into my Norton account as one of the five devices covered by the new NS subscription.

Both my PC and my tablet are running fine.  No slowdown or any other concerns.  On my PC, the Norton toolbar was on its own row, but I found that if you click on the small dots to the far left of the Norton toolbar (NOT the "move" function in IE Explorer 11), assuming you've left enough room, you can combine the Norton and the Google toolbars on a single row and thus free up some space, as I had it previously.

No hassles.  All very intuitive.  I'm a very happy camper. And by the way, the forum moderator Tony Weiss was extraordinarily helpful in my initial inquiries.  It's really nice to find an outstanding product and also fantastic support personnel.



Re: New Norton security is terrific; best to purchase it versus renewing NIS 2015

Nice to hear some positive feedback from a fellow user ! If you hit any roadblocks, you know where to come for help !

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Re: New Norton security is terrific; best to purchase it versus renewing NIS 2015

Thanks for the good review Road Warrior 100.  Always nice to hear a happy user telling their success story.

Just one thing for those who may not know in regards to moving the NTB in IE.  Unlocking the Toolbars is required  in order to obtain the "small dots" and once moved to the location your desire, please remember to "lock the toolbars"  in order to keep the NTB in that location.


Re: New Norton security is terrific; best to purchase it versus renewing NIS 2015

Hi Yank,

I too upgraded from NIS to NS two weeks ago and the process (Over the top install) went very smoothly for me too on two home pc's and one laptop pc. I find it very nice to navigate and is faster at shutting down my pc than NIS did.

I feel sorry for people who can't upgrade because the new products are not available in their countries? Why is this I wonder, never been aware of this with other security vendors and the new Norton products came out in Sept last. I visited the UK recently and decided to buy NS from there otherwise I feel I would wait ages here in Cyprus for it to become available. Indeed I checked yesterday at my store and they still don't have anything.

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