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New Norton Toolbar and NVP versions?

Yesterday I received updates to my Norton Tool Bar and NVP for Firefox. The New versions are- NTB 2014.6.6.3, and NVP I do not see any post related to this update and There is no reference in the Product update announcements. Are these for the next release of Firefox?

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Re: New Norton Toolbar and NVP versions?

I was checking into the same thing yesterday.  From what I can gather, NVP -1 was released sometime late last week.  NTB 2014.6.6.3 may only be for the newest 21x version of NIS and N360, and it may have been around for a couple weeks now.  I was running NVP for a few days, but my NTB did not update to 2014.6.6.3 while I was running NIS (I was still on 2014.6.5.1).

Yesterday I finaaly decided to upgrade my NIS to, and it updated my NTB up to 21014.6.6.3.  My guess is the following:

NIS/N360 V21.1.0.18 - NTB 2014.6.5.1

NIS/N360 V21.1.1.7  -  NTB 2014.6.6.3

Has anyone running recieved a NTB update to 2014.6.6.3?

In any event, the NTB and NVP you listed appear to be the latest releases, and there are no current mentions of them on the product announcements.  I've got a feeling there still may be another NTB update before FF 28 comes out, as 2014.6.6.3 has been around for a bit.


Re: New Norton Toolbar and NVP versions?

FWIW, the Comcast version of Norton Security Suite has not been updated yet to and remains on

I can verify the NTB in is still on Version 2014.6.5.1 and that FF 27.0.1 is running just fine on it. 

The product update for states:

Improvements & Fixes:

- Norton Toolbar cumulative fixes since 21.1 release

- Minor AutoProtect backend fixes

I am curious if there was a NTB change (which seems obvious) that wasn't passed on to the admins for inclusion in the announcement?

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