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New Norton Toolbar with New N.I.S.

As appears in Firefox v14 and v15, with NIS v20.1.1.2:

What is the difference between the toolbar items, Vault Closed and Login Assistant?  They both bring up the same login dialog. 

How can we turn-off or disable the "f Share" (Facebook) button in the Norton toolbar? 



Re: New Norton Toolbar with New N.I.S.


Vault Closed when clicked on allows you to login to your

Norton Account then the online Cloud Vault.

And the Login Assistant is used for creating new logins

for your Cloud Vault when logged into the Cloud Vault.

And unfortunately you cannot disable the Share option.



Re: New Norton Toolbar with New N.I.S.




1.Vault Open/Vault Closed:

The Vault Open/Vault Closed menu on the Norton Toolbar lets you view and manage the logins, Identity cards, and notes that you saved.

You can also access the Web tab of the Settings window using the Vault Open/Vault Closed menu.

In addition, you can do the following:

  • Navigate to any Web site for which you have saved the login credentials.

  • Submit feedback about your experience with Identity Safe.

  • Export your Identity Safe data.

  • Import your Identity Safe data from the file you backed up or from the portable profile.

  • Convert your local vault to online vault.

When you visit any login Web page without setting up your Identity Safe, a menu bar appears in the Norton Toolbar. You can use the Setup option that is available in the menu bar to set up Identity Safe.

2.Login Assistant:

 Login assistant is a new feature included in NIS/N360,

When you are visiting a login page for which you have already saved a login credentials and if there is any auto fill issue(  fails to fill login credentials automatically) for that page, then you can launch that login assistant to view/copy the logins/cards for that particular page.

Note: Even if you have don't have logins for that page, you can view/copy all logins/cards to fill that page.

3.Currently we don't have option to enable/ disable share option in toolbar



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Re: New Norton Toolbar with New N.I.S.

What's and Why is all that?  Symantec just made login and identity-safe too confusing.  In NIS v.18 and in N360 v.5, I could understand how to move through Identity Safe and make changes and set sign-in data; the tutorial included in the products helped.  Now, I'm not sure what is going to or coming from where.  I do not neither want to be confused between what is held on some remote symantec computer and what is stored on my computers.  The only place I want any login data stored is on MY computers, in my paper organized notes, and in my head.  

Maybe a new video tutorial plus an in-product tutorial will help with this.

EDIT:  Better yet, simplify Identity Safe; change it back to how it was in version 18 of NIS and version 5 (or 6) of N360.

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