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This forum thread needs a solution.
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Nightmare trying to get a corrected invoice


I made an error with my order - I put my name as account owner instead of my company. After I got my invoice I noticed the error, I corrected it in my account and I contacted support asking to re-issue my invoice.

Support did nothing of the kind. I spoke to 3 different agents, wasted more than 2 hours total (wait time is a bitch). I also tried to call but I gave up after 20 minutes on hold.

Each agent promised to send me the corrected invoice. None did. The 3rd one was special though.

- he lied that I had already received my corrected invoice (nope I hadn't)

- then he told me that billing info cannot be changed at all (but hey, I had changed it!)

- then he asked for my home address (?!?)

- then he told me that my billing information did not contain my state/province and my post code (in fact, it did)

I asked to speak with his supervisor. He probably logged on with a different account and the absurd discussion continued. The "supervisor" promised that I would get my bill (no I didn't) and that his supervisor would contact me within 24h (5 days later, nobody contacted me).

So, I am posting this here, hoping that an actual professional picks up on this and

- sends me my bloody invoice

- sends this message to the VP in charge of Customer Support


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Re: Nightmare trying to get a corrected invoice

I'll try to bring this thread to someone that may be able to help. Normally, any billing/Account details are done through the support channels you already tried. There is nothing that can be done directly from the forums, as most here are just users like you.

Things happen. Export/Backup your Norton Password Manager data.

Re: Nightmare trying to get a corrected invoice

That's all I could hope for, thanks a million Peterweb.

I forgot to mention in my original post, the names of the 3 agents were:

1. Avijit
2. Gaurav
3. Navin, and his "supervisor", Aras

My case number is ########.

I saved the printouts of each of the chats.

Fingers crossed that you get the attention of someone who cares. I am not going through support again - at this point I'd rather cancel the subscription and buy something else.

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